BUSTED: Classified Documents Show Michelle Obama Used Taxpayer Dollars To PAY Friends And Family To Vacation With Her

Are you an American tax payer? If you answered yes to that question, then you’re also the person who helped pay for Michelle Obama’s fancy trips over the last eight years. Not only that, but you’ve paid for her to pay her family members to go with her.

Let me explain what was recently leaked from potentially classified documents. I’m not entirely sure we should be sharing this information with you because it may have been leaked from a source that doesn’t want to be named, but here it is anyway.


The items pointed to are people who’re related to or friends with Michelle Obama. What job do her daughters do on the Senior Staff? Is twerking on the list of jobs for the Senior Staff, because at least one daughter is good at that.

What does her Mother do, walk the family dog?

Why does Michelle Obama need a make-up artist and hair stylist? She can’t do her own hair or makeup? We literally pay taxes to fund her costume crew? No wonder her lunch program sucked. We probably spent more on getting her “hair did” than we did on the food for needy kids.

If I was the President, then I would probably do the same thing and give my kids or siblings a job, but I would make them work for it. They would have an actual job so that there wasn’t an article like this calling me out for milking the tax payers and being a scum-lord millionaire who rips off the American citizens.

Glad it’s over in January.


US Herald – Michelle Obama has garnered a reputation for her many trips overseas, costing American taxpayers millions of dollars. However, it seems that there was something else going on on these trips that she never wanted the public to find out.

Recently uncovered classified documents show that on these overseas trips Michelle Obama put in for her reimbursements to be paid out to her staffers that accompanied her for the past 8 years.

At first this almost sounds like a nice gesture, but if you look at who the staffers listed to be paid out were, you’ll notice that among them are her own daughters and her own mother. Michelle listed her mother and daughters as “senior staff” on her many vacations.

So they not only got to some of the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world, they got paid to do so.

Michelle Obama has gone on over 40 personal trips exotic and global destinations, all the while bringing along an entourage of her mother, her daughters, her makeup artist, and her hairstylist, all hidden under the guise of diplomats or White House envoys aiding official business, and she paid them all to do so.



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