BUSTED: Clinton News Network Just Got Their Own ‘Hot Mic’ Moment…

CNN did a focus group before and after the presidential town hall style debate this week. Where they polled the people involved to see who they were thinking of voting for before the debate and who they wanted to vote for after the debate. The results and what happened during the focus group might surprise you.

Frank Lutz posted to social media on Twitter to show the results.

Unfortunately the CNN focus group was tainted. We got results that they wanted to show us not what was actually the truth. The network accidentally recorded itself specifically coaching one member of the focus group about what they wanted them to say. Seems as though it is not just the Donald Trump campaign that has hot mic issues.

The video was uploaded to YouTube not long after the presidential debate on Sunday evening. It’s a video of CNN employees talking to the focus group me,hers who identify as independents and live in Ohio.

Watch here,

The woman being coached repeats exactly what she was coached to say. CNN reporter Pamela Brown is the one seen speaking to a focus group member in a hushed voice as she coaches her. As they went back on the air Brown asked the woman who she coached which anti Trump argument from Hillary she liked the most. She said,

“She stated that America is already great, and I tend to agree with that. Though we are slow in progressing in a number of ways, we are progressing and we need to continue the momentum.”

Donald Trump even took to Twitter to respond to the bias reporting,

CNNs post debate poll had Hillary Clinton winning by 57 percent. Which is a very wide margin. Greater than you can see in any other poll. Could they be lying about that too? CNN certainly does not have a positive reputation. Instead they are known for enflaming already tense situations during Black Lives Matter protests as well as race baiting and catastrophizing seemingly non serious events.

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