BUSTED: Hillary Caught Abusing Taxpayer Dollars in Massive Act of Corruption


Hillary steals the spotlight once again for being corrupt, will this be the final nail in her coffin? 

Hillary Clinton may have just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Watchdog organizations are raising red flags over lucrative deals that Bill Clinton made while his wife Hillary was secretary of state.

There is strong evidence that the former president made significant money from speaking appearances and donations while Hillary used her influence to “green light” the engagements.

Speeches were one of the most significant ways in which Bill Clinton received income during his wife’s time with the Obama administration.

Under an ethics agreement that the Clintons made with the Obama administration, certain paid speeches made by former President Clinton had to be reviewed to ensure that there was no conflict of interest.

Without exception, however, those speaking engagements were immediately approved by Hillary’s State Department without a second glance.

“In hundreds of documents released to Politico under the Freedom of Information Act, not a single case appears where the State Department explicitly rejected a Bill Clinton speech,” Politico reported.

“Instead, the records show State Department lawyers acted on sparse information about business proposals and speech requests and were under the gun to approve the proposals promptly,” it continued.

There were also no regulations in place to monitor or limit how much Bill Clinton charged for those lucrative speeches.

“The ethics agreement did not require that Clinton provide the estimated income from his private arrangements, making it difficult for ethics officials to tell whether his services were properly valued,” stated the Politico report.

The locations of some of those speeches are also raising eyebrows. Foreign governments, including China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have provided significant money to the Clintons — either through speaking fees or donations to the famous couple’s “Clinton Foundation.”

“I think the foundation should stop taking money from foreign sources — now,” said Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer. “I would have been more conservative than the Clintons were here.” (H/T Breitbart)

Hillary does seem to love bills — at least the ones that have Benjamin Franklin printed on them. The number of scandals from this administration continues to grow … and this one could come back to haunt the Clintons in 2016.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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