Busted! Hillary Caught Signaling To Lester Holt On Six Different Occasions For Help (VIDEO)

Quick thinking folks with good vision may have uncovered a great American debate has been possibly rigged with the simple use of hand-to-nose gestures.

The following video dives into the debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The video wants to show us that it’s possible that every time Hillary scratched her nose, that Lester Holt responded.

Let’s watch.

What do we think? Did Hillary Clinton signal Lester Holt to intervene or interrupt? The hand-to-nose signal is like the oldest trick in the book.

When you see me scratch my nose, that’s when I need your help or need you to react to my gesture with whatever we planned before this event.

And of course, Lester Holt, who might swing hard left, would probably go for it. In fact, just about anyone would. If Hillary Clinton walked in my house today and told me to write something about her, and the Secret Service was looking me in the eye, then I’d probably do it.


If it’s proved that Hillary and Lester had a “thing” going on, then we have to wonder who set it up.

This opens Pandora’s box for tons of conspiracy theories. How did Hillary convince Lester to do this? Did Lester set it up or did Hillary? How do the leftists feel about this? Are they supportive? Do they play dirty?

If Donald Trump was caught signalling Lester Holt, then how would people respond? People would go crazy and call it rigged, same way that lots of the people in the country are calling everything Hillary does RIGGED.

Technology is so good these days that if anyone is throwing signals to a debate moderator, that someone is bound to pick it up.

HD phones and cameras make it a lot harder to hide details.

The world is watching.

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