BUSTED: Leaked Emails Reveal Obama Directed Voter Fraud


When it comes to the problem of voter fraud, liberals are completely in denial. It’s hardly surprising – considering that voter fraud is disproportionately favoring them! Either that, or the dead really are the Democrat Party’s most reliable demographic.

Every election cycle we must endure challenges and allegations about fraud (conservatives) and discrimination (liberals) when it comes to voter ID laws. This election has been no different. We heard all the usual arguments: that requiring an ID to vote would disenfranchise voters.

Apparently it’s fine to need an ID to see an R-rated movie, buy alcohol, rent a car or hotel room, or take welfare – but not to vote. Liberals must think that those who vote for them are too stupid to figure out how to obtain a photo ID on their own, apparently.

Well, it turns out that voter fraud is running rampant – and, shocker – Democrats are quite aware. That’s just one of the many revelations from the latest Wikileaks dump, as the Federalist Papers reports:

In an email, John Podesta discussed his meeting to two Coloradans who made it clear that they wanted help in making sure that only legal and living people were allowed to vote in the 2015 caucuses.

These two individuals just happen to be tight with the Clinton campaign, and are concerned that there might be some improper conduct going on surrounding the caucus, and as we all know, if it’s not the Clintons who are cheating, nobody can cheat!


As this message describes, these two people discussed a strong likelihood that massive voter fraud was taking place in Colorado. So why is it when Republicans mention voter fraud they’re laughed out of the room, but when Democrats talk about it among themselves, there’s never any refutation that it exists?

Maybe that’s because a local television station in Colorado found out that dead people have been voting for years. Sara Sosa was one of those people. After her death in 2009, she somehow managed to cast ballots in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Her husband Miguel Sosa passed away in 2008, but a closer look reveals he cast a vote in 2009.

In the most recent email leak from Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton said in one of her wall street speeches that as a politician, it’s important to have both a public and private stance on issues. That’s apparently the same when it comes to facts.

In public – deny that voter fraud exists. In private – acknowledge that it exists, and is benefiting them.

If voter fraud didn’t exist, wouldn’t liberals be welcoming of voter ID laws to prove there isn’t a problem after all?