BUSTED! The Political Scandal Of The Century Just EXPOSED and Look Who Is At The Center

The Obama administration is finally out of office but that does not mean the scandal surrounding them is gone. Just as the former President gets back from vacation new reports indicate that the administration allegedly funneled billions of dollars into a slush fund inside a shell corporation within the Department of Justice.

The organizations they reportedly funneled to was the National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and the National Urban League. All are known liberal organizations that support Democratic causes and politicians. Numerous Democratic politicians have even made speeches at the preceding organizations events in the past.

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke out about it and made some dreadfully good points. In his own words, somebody should go to jail for this. He also pointed to the complete double standard. Had this happened with Republican politicians or a Republican administration and money had been funded to the National Rifle Association or NARAL then liberals would be calling for the cuffs. But not anymore.

Democratic members of Congress are simply calling for a bill that would disallow this action in the future. Which is basically a band aid to cover their blatant past corruption they were caught red handed in the process of committing. If Democrats treat this case anything like the way they treated Hillary Clinton’s then nobody is going to be held responsible for these crimes.

The Obama administration wasted hundreds of millions of dollars and to think they wasted even more with their corruption is sickening. Because in the long run the people who hurt the most are middle class American citizens. The people that Democrats say they champion and represent  but in reality are screwing over by taking away their tax payer dollars and wasting it.

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