Buzzfeed Polls Readers On Presidential Preference, Quickly Adds Disclaimer As The Results Pour In

It’s great watching liberals attempts at discrediting Donald Trump blow up in their faces.

The Left leaning website Buzzfeed held a poll on the Presidential race, hoping to show a clear victory from Hillary. Given how young and far-left their audience is, that was pretty much to be expected.

A day or so later, they felt the need to “update” it because they felt the results “no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people.”

Take three guesses as to what the results were showing.

OK – you probably only needed one guess. That’s right – Donald Trump was the victor… and by a long shot.


As BizPacReview reported:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was clearly leading in the “poll” with 14.3 million votes. Over 161,000 were listed as “Other” and “I still haven’t decided” scored 152,700 votes. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was dead last with 70,800 votes.

BuzzFeed nevertheless felt it needed to issue an update right above the results.

“Update: This poll no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people. Please remember to vote in the upcoming election,” the statement read.

To their credit, the vote clearly was manipulated. But even if it wasn’t, how do we know Trump wouldn’t have won regardless?

Anyway, it’s simply hilarious to see a liberal website telling other liberals that their poll no longer reflects the views of “real people,” when it’s in fact liberal beliefs that don’t reflect the views of most people.

I suppose I probably shouldn’t be too critical of the website that is most known for pioneering the dumbest form of clickbait content today. Among the features of their website (that somehow investors value at nearly $1 billion) are stupid clickbait quizzes, like this one where you can find out what your inner potato is. You know, in case you’ve just been really curious all your life. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know which ousted Arab Spring ruler you are.

Yes, really.

When Donald Trump wins the election in November, it’ll be fun hearing about how he “doesn’t reflect the views of the people” then.

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