Buzzfeed Goes FULL RACIST With Latest Article, White People Are A ‘Plague To The Planet’

In liberal fantasy land, the word “racist” has been redefined so only white people are capable of being racist. “Racism is power plus prejudice!” we’re told, which is apparently the only math equation liberals are aware of.

Apparently we’re supposed to believe that anyone who isn’t white isn’t capable of being racist because they lack “institutional power,” whatever that means. Isn’t affirmative action an example of an institution discriminating against whites? And why would a white person using a racial slur be racist but a black person using a racial slur not be? Neither are exactly exerting any kind of power on one another, they’re just being ignorant.

It’s incredible that those who claim there’s “no such thing as reverse racism” are often the most racist people themselves. And to be honest, I partially agree with them. There is no reverse racism – there’s just racism. Here’s the latest leftwing insanity, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Their article is titled “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero F***s.” Charming!

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Racism is now a progressive value, apparently. All that had to be done to get liberals to show their racist colors was to convince them that they’re incapable of racism.

There are many worse slides, but I suffered through them all and didn’t want you to have to do the same, so I picked some of the worst.

Here’s a bonus bit of stupidity:


Want to know why genius? Because you live in America. If you lived in Japan, your core curriculum would be Japanese history. Down with the Japanese privilege!

The bright side in all this? These are the idiots your children will be competing with in the labor force. It’s incredible that people shell out $50k a year in tuition to attend institutions where they actually come out dumber than when they went in.

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