CA Jihadi Syed Farook Named By Police BEFORE Obama’s Initial Briefing


From Breitbart

The timeline of events in the Islamist massacre Tuesday in San Bernardino, California, shows that Syed Farook’s name was announced on a publicly available police scanner several times prior to President Barack Obama being briefed on the subject – and long before White House officials started to portray the apparent jihad shooting as a “workplace” or “gun control” issue.

11:00 am – Police receive 911 calls saying shots have been fired inside the Inland Regional Center.

11:40 am — Police announce the suspect’s name on police scanner: Syed Farook. This is tweeted by several people who heard it.



12:00pm — Police repeat the suspect’s name, Syed Farook, several times.

12:25 pm – President Obama is briefed on the situation.

6:45 pm – One of the suspects is named in media reports as Syed Farook.

That’s seven hours after the police has announced Syed Farook’s name several times on the police scanner that the media finally reported it. In the meantime, the President, Democrat politicians and the media pushed the “gun violence” narrative. Read More

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