CA School District Changes Grading Scale, 80% or Better is Now an ‘A,’ 20% or Lower is an ‘F’


From Young Cons: The participation trophy just got a whole new meaning…

From Truth Revolt:

Sonoma County, California school district has instituted a new grading scale that substantially lowers the bar to allow underachieving students, traditionally known as failures, to climb into more average grade territory.

It’s called the equal interval scale, and according to The Press Democrat, “it makes it harder to get a failing grade” by moving the ‘F’ scale to below 20% as opposed to the standard 59% and below. The equal interval scale is modeled to raise grades in 20-point increments, which would mean scores between 20% and 40% will now earn students a D- or D+. Making a score of 80 or above now makes them straight-A students.

A middle school math and science teacher told the Democrat that his worst math students are now receiving Cs and a science student with only a 23% grade has earned a D-.

Speaking before the school board, this teacher complained, “This isn’t giving students hope, it is lowering standards in order to raise grades.”


So, what’s happening is that kids will receive high school diplomas nowadays without having to do any work and for failing miserably?

We’re literally encouraging students to be failures?

A for effort, California!

What good does this do for future American leaders?

I guess Sonoma County is setting up these kids to be fast-food workers for life.

Doesn’t anyone have to take responsibility for their actions anymore?

Where have all the adults gone?

By implementing this fundamentally ridiculous idea, what’s the point of even having teachers in classrooms?

I wonder if the thinking at the time went something like this…

California has a large number of minorities living in the state, and many students aren’t passing their classes. Let’s just make things easier for everyone. I mean, we don’t want to look like racists!

Like liberal policies, the Sonoma County school district will do whatever it can to keep people down.

Lady Liberty weeps.

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