Cafe Told To Remove Patriotic 4th Of July Sign, They Responded With “HELL NO!”

With the 4th of July just a few days away it wouldn’t be liberal America if some progressive nut job wasn’t complaining about someone’s patriotism. 5 Mile Cafe is a diner and family owned restaurant that serves breakfast all day. They’re especially known for their patriotism. They have recieved backlash for wanting to put a “God Bless America” sign up on their property.

Owner Jennifer Aquino said,

“We are very patriotic here at the café – all year round –not just this time of year. We have American flags and patriotic things around the café.”

Aquino petitioned the town to put a “God Bless America” sign up. She wanted to display it from Memorial Day to Independence Day. However, the town of Penfield has a banner allotment policy that prohibits her from doing so. The law states that banners can only be displayed for a period of three weeks.

Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain told WHEC,

At one point we had banners all over the town and the town just looked trashy and our residents said enough’s enough.”

Apparently in liberal land putting up a banner blessing our great country is trashy. So of course Aquino’s request was denied.

Aquino decided to out the banner up inside instead saying,

“I decided on my way to work that I was going to put it up regardless of the town telling me I couldn’t. So I put it up.”

After someone complained to the town they sent her an email mandating she take it down. They threatened to give her a fine and citation. Yet that didn’t stop her from showing her true American spirit.

“I didn’t take it down and I was willing to pay the fine. The [message on the banner] means a lot to me – especially during this time in our country with all that’s going on with terrorism. I just can’t believe that I can’t have this banner up and be supported by the town board.” she said.

Her anger continued,

The fact that I’m being asked to take it down is wrong. It’s against my First Amendment rights. People need to open up their eyes. If we start letting them tell us we can’t do this, it’s going to get worse.”

The community has come out to support her. They have posted hundreds of kind comments to the company Facebook page. Some people have even given her donations to pay for the fine.

She told reporters,

“I have lots of veterans in my family. I have a cousin who fought in Desert Storm so that we could have the freedom to hang a banner that says, ‘God bless America.’”

Unfortunately, we now live in such a liberally biased society that expressing pride in ones country gets you fined and criminally cited.

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