CAIR Demands 1 Change To ‘Bigoted’ Air Force Anti-Terror Training That Will Kill Thousands Of Americans

Under Obama, Muslims in America had an absolute hay day, as their leader Barrack Hussein Obama tirelessly furthered their cause to spread radical Islam across our country through his ongoing treasonous actions. But now that Trump’s in office, their little world has been turned completely upside down, as our new president’s crackdown on Islam has no doubt put a clinker in their plans to destroy our country with Islam. Now idiots from America’s largest Muslim organization, CAIR, are frantic to further their cause, and are now targeting military personnel in a brazen infiltration attempt that will leave you absolutely stunned.

Being able to identify the enemy is the #1 rule when it comes to planning a mission to take out your opponent. Muslims understand this all too well, which is why they’ve launched such a vicious assault on our freedom of speech, coining the term “Islamophobia” as a way to demonize anyone who brings to light the barbaric practices of their archaic 6th century religion. Getting our FBI and Homeland Security to purge any mention of Islam in their anti-terrorism manuals was a huge victory for American Muslims under Obama, and now they’re pulling the same crap yet again.

Now idiots from CAIR are attempting again to influence America’s national security policies and procedures by making the unbelievable “demand” that the Air Force fire their anti-terrorism training instructor Patrick Dunleavy immediately, because they feel like he is “anti-Muslim” for simply pointing out the dangerous tenants of radical Islam.

Through CAIR’s incredible power that swelled under Obama, these American Muslims are now demanding that changes be implemented to the instruction our military personnel receive, because it “offensive” to them.

US Herald has more:

Remarkably” this front group for HAMAS was apparently able to bully law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level, including the FBI, and actually change, discard and alter counter-terrorism training materials and techniques that CAIR felt infringed on Muslims.

Based on troves of government documents, Judicial Watch was able to once again force the government through litigation to finally reveal the extent of CAIR’s influence and has published a special, in-depth report on the scandal. CAIR is not specifically named but the records show that an undisclosed group of “Subject Matter Experts” (SME) determined the federal training material was offensive to Muslims.

This bombshell report shows how the Obama Administration willfully used surrogates pretending to be Muslim civil right groups and advocates to purposely undermine America’s national security interests.

As jihad is waged on the front lines by ISIS terrorists, what’s equally deadly is how these Muslims are infesting our society and infiltrating the highest levels of our government. Scrubbing any mention of Islam in our military’s anti-terrorism training manuals will only make it easier for these idiots to spread their bloody conquests across the globe even quicker, as they’ll soon be no way for our mlitary to identify the enemy they were trained to fight against!

H/T [US Herald]

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