BREAKING: Look What California Is Giving To 1 Million Illegals As HUGE ‘F You’ To President Trump

California has provided 900,000 of something that is a privilege to carry in America. Each state has their own rules and it’s customary to get this when you’re a teenager riding towards adulthood. It’s the driver’s license and over 900,000 illegal immigrants have them in California. That number is expected to exceed 1 million illegal immigrant drivers as of January 2018.

If you’re shocked and have questions, then you’re not the only one. Getting a license to drive is one thing, but how does an illegal immigrant get car insurance, buy or lease a car, and somehow not get deported? I thought signing up for one of those things, while not technically having citizenship status, or an American address that’s yours, would somehow trigger an alert to authorities.

It’s almost like there should’ve been 900,000 deportations instead of 900,000 illegal immigrants attaining a driver’s license.

Some people worry that folks who break into the country should not be licensed to drive because they don’t follow laws. If they’re not following the laws of immigration, then why would they follow the laws of the road? Some people worry that there are too many incidents involving poorly skilled driver’s who are illegal immigrants and they would like to prevent those incidents from ever happening. Americans have their own poor habits, so it’s like we, as a country, don’t want to absorb the additional bad habits of other people from other countries. When states like New Jersey tell you to make ten rights just to turn left, and we’re still confused about it ourselves, then it’s easy to assume that an illegal immigrant who may not speak English might get confused about certain road rules.

Not to mention the abundance of lawlessness that comes with some illegal immigrants. Paired lawlessness and poor driving skills could wreak havoc on the road. And let’s not forget the fact that if they don’t have insurance, and are at fault, then who pays for it?

California’s pro-immigration policies have filled the roads with illegal immigrant drivers. Just think, if there were 900,000 people off the roads, then maybe California traffic wouldn’t be so bad! All jokes aside, readers should be aware of California Assembly Bill 60. That’s a bill that requires proof of identity and residency in order to attain a driver’s license. It does not ask if you’re a citizen of the United States of America, but perhaps it should. One must wonder how does an illegal immigrant be granted a proof of identity in California? What type of identification do they have if it’s not an American birth certificate? What type of residency do they have if it’s not through a family member who is already a legal citizen?

By the time June wrapped up, over 900,000 illegal immigrants took advantage and were registered under California Assembly Bill 60, which requires ONLY proof of identity and residency – NOT immigration status – to receive a license to drive a vehicle.

According to the Sacramento Bee, the bill was intended to “bolster public safety and reduce penalties for undocumented immigrants who drive,” after the bill’s 2013 passage, which was a product of 15 years of far-left pro-immigration lobbying groups pushing to create further incentive for illegal immigrant criminality.

AB 60 turned California into the TENTH state in the U.S. to give illegal immigrants the ability to obtain a driver’s license. The sad and disgusting truth is that the law, when initially passed, brought in such a wave of applications that it actually DOUBLED the state’s expectations.

California, and the far-left regime that runs the state wants the illegal immigrants to feel more at home than the actual citizens just so they can get their voters every year.

It seems like California has two problems on their hand. The first problem is that it seems like no one handing out American privilege cards is asking about citizenship status. Shouldn’t most acquisitions, such as Driver’s license, rent/mortgage, government identification cards, etc… require American citizenship?

The other problem is with California being such an extremely liberal state that it values illegal immigrants more than it does American citizens. Why does it seem like American citizens are second rate in California? Shouldn’t those who live here be treated the best? And those who come here legally, be treated the best as well? But why is California catering to illegal immigrants so much? There are cities in America that don’t have 900,000 people in them, but California alone has nearly a million illegal immigrant drivers.

What would be very interesting is if Republicans somehow won back California and provided the driver’s license information to ICE. Then ICE used the addresses on the cards to locate and deport illegal immigrants.

Some folks think that those who are aligned with right wing politics dislike immigrants. That’s not true. Right wing Americans simply want immigrants to follow immigration laws, get jobs, work hard, and pay taxes like the rest of us. Everyone has to be responsible for following the laws and be contributing members of society.

America thrives when people contribute and work hard. That’s what real Americans want more of.

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