California Gun Rights Group Gearing Up For Massive Walk-In Campaign

A fast growing gun rights group, Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions, is gearing up for a massive pro gun walk-in campaign at the state capital.  No date has been set as of yet, however, in 2014, the group staged a similar event called “Day of the Vote” and staged a very long citizens filibuster and kept the Senate and Assembly in session for 16 hours while hundreds of average citizens took to the stage inside the Public Safety Committee to express their concerns with the guns laws that were proposed.


While the campaign wasn’t a complete success, by the time October hit, more than half of the anti-gun bills were vetoed by Governor Brown, the worst being SB808 (Senator Kevin DeLeon) . If you have not seen the now famous “ghost gun” speech, here it is.IMG_20160418_162905


In his veto message for SB 808, Governor Brown said that he “can’t see how adding a serial number to a homemade gun would significantly advance public safety.”  Governor Brown is correct and the stats prove it, but Senator Kevin DeLeon is trying again at the same exact law (SB1407).


SB1407 is Senator DeLeons newest ghost gun bill, which would require authorization from DOJ to build a firearm and a serial number to each gun, because, you know, criminals don’t ever scratch off serial numbers, and they always register their guns when they steal them.


Be on the lookout for a future date very soon, as it could be as soon as April 27 and no later than May 11.

David Powell is former Air Force, ICOX5 (Air Traffic Control and Aviation Management). He is a firearms enthusiast, and Second Amendment activist in Sacramento, California.