California Professor Calls For The Assassination Of Trump – Gets INSTANT Karma Instead!

There is no low liberals aren’t willing to stoop to. They just can not handle the fact they lost the election and they will do anything in retaliation. Even if it is utterly stupid and against the law. One of those liberals is a history professor from California State University in Fresno, California.

The professor went on to social media and advocated for President Trump to die. His name is Professor Lars Maischak. Some of his social media responses were so absurd that he called for Trump to hang in order to save American democracy.

He went on to say that the only cure for those individuals who are racist is a bullet to the head. He’s a real winner. The interactions he has on his social media indicates he is actually a professor but his account is not verified.

Look at some of his horrendous tweets here,

The account has been in place for a few years now, since June of 2013. While liberals may like his childish tirades on social media most people do not. The comments section of his tweets is filled with people objecting to his harassment and criminal threats.

Even his university that employs him could not defend his actions. A spokesperson for the university said that his comments on social media are reflective of only his opinions and not that of the university. Which is the politically correct way of saying they don’t approve of the choices he has made but they won’t come right out and say it so they simply disassociate themselves by saying the comments aren’t reflective of the school.

This is exactly why we live in a nation of cupcakes. Or as some like to call the media, snowflakes. When they don’t get their way they proceed to criminal threats without any care or concern they might be arrested for threatening the life of a sitting President. For that, he should be arrested.

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