CALL TO ACTION: Party City Employee Refuses To Fill Balloons For Officer’s Memorial, Get Her Fired!

The anti-police sentiment is getting out of control. The most recent attack from businesses happened at a Party City in Pennsylvania. Looks like Pleasant Hills, PA just got a whole lot less pleasant! This story appeared on local Channel 11 news after abhorrent behavior from an employee at the local Party City. Karly Lane reported to the local news after being declined service at the store because the employee didn’t like what Lane was there for.

Lane’s friend, Duquesne officer Robert GoGo Jr., died in an off-duty motorcycle accident. She was at Party City to purchase a dozen blue and black balloons for GoGo’s memorial service. But when the Party City employee refuse her service because the balloons were for a police officer’s memorial, she got angry. In the end another employee waited on her but she went to the local news anyway thinking that employee shouldn’t be working at Party City.
GoGo’s sister was also upset said, “How can you not support a police officer? It doesn’t matter. They don’t know my brother. They don’t know what kind of man he was. They don’t know what he did in his job. It just hurts,”

Because of the unwanted attention on Party City, the corporate offices have released this statement:
“Party City is committed to our customers and the community. Corporate management is looking into the matter to uncover what transpired and will take action accordingly.”

What do you think should happen to this employee? While bakers are forced to bake cakes for gay weddings that they disagree with and county officials are being forced to sign same-sex marriage documents that they don’t agree with as ordered by the court… should this employee be forced to fill a balloon order for a police officer despite not agreeing with the ‘lifestyle’ of being a police officer? It’s a tough question when you put it into context of both sides of the coin. Should any American be forced to do something they don’t want? Should a business have the choice put certain requirements on their employees or face being fired?

Here’s my take, if you take a job that requires you to serve a customer and that is part of the job description, you have 2 options… do your job, sign the document or fill the order or quit your job. If you own a business and someone who wants to be a customer makes a request that you do not want to fulfill you have 2 choices, fill it and make the money or turn them away and don’t make the money. When government starts stepping in and takes away choice from an individual or entity (a private business) that’s when we are headed the wrong direction. As long as an individual or business has 2 choices, to do it or not to, we are on track.

If you feel like this individual should be fired for her actions to not serve the customer call the store manager in Pleasant Hills at (412) 655-7487.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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