Camera Catches Trump Eating On His Jet, And Of Course Liberals Cry Racism!

In yet another week of the game, let’s find something out about Donald Trump to complain about, crazy liberals have decided to pick at him over the food he chooses to eat on his airplane.

Donald Trump uses social media for personal and business purposes and has documented his campaign very well brought it. At times it has gotten him in trouble and ridiculed over. While other times were heartwarming when he can be seen reading books to his grand-kids.

On occasion he shows pictures of himself eating. His newest photo was uploaded via his social media Facebook page and it showed him eating some KFC food. Liberals are going nuts not over Hillary Clinton’s blatant corruption but… wait… you got it, Trump eating friend chicken on his private airplane.

trump kfc racist

His Facebook post read,

“Great afternoon in Ohio & a great evening in Pennsylvania – departing now. See you tomorrow Virginia! ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬.”

Some could view this as good PR. Hillary Clinton is known to live extravagantly by staying at top tier hotels with catered food. Whereas Trump likes the more down to earth places that most people eat at like McDonald’s, KFC, and Taco Bell. This is no doubt why some of the American people love him so much.

Most people can compare and relate to that dietary preference as opposed to presidential suits and catered events. Most people only dream of that kind of extravagance and Donald Trump could afford that but he doesn’t do it.

Many comments on Trump’s post cracked jokes about Hillary and the food calling her “extra crispy.”

In the department of relatability, Hillary Clinton is certainly losing that popularity contest and it does not look like that is changing anytime soon.

However, I hardly doubt his eating choices will make or break the election either way.

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