What Canada Just Announced About Immigration Has Trump LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF!

President Trump’s policy on almost everything is America first. As he has said, he is the President of the United States of America. Nothing and nowhere else. Which is why he is doing everything in his power to keep power within this country and to take care of Americans. But progressives don’t like that.

Our neighbor Canada has taken strong progressive stances in the past. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been vocal against many of the Presidents new policies. Trudeau in the past has said the following about immigration,

One of the reasons why Canada remains an open country is Canadians trust our immigration system and the integrity of our borders and the help we provide people who are looking for safety.”

However, the truth is that last year Canada turned away more Mexican immigrants than ever before. More than the last several years all combined. Mexicans are finding harder border checks, background checks, more difficulty finding jobs and stricter law enforcment policies.

Which shows it isn’t just President Trump who is cracking down on illegal immigration but our progressive neighbors. But we are simply getting the most flack for it. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Quebec have said the following about their policies,

Consequences for crossing illegally can include incarceration, civil monetary penalties and deportation with a ban on re-entry.”

Despite what the media would like to portray Canada and the United States still have a lot in common despite their leaders trying to distance themselves from the President and his policies. Showing the administration’s staunchly ardent immigration policy is not something new or different.

Why is the Canadian Prime Minister not being called a bigot and a xenophobe for endorsing his own countries immigration policies that are very similar to ours? That is a mighty big double standard there.

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