Candidate For Governor Sells ‘ISIS hunting’ Permits With Pretty Special Autograph, CAIR Cries Islamophobia

A former navy SEAL is running for governor of Missouri, and he has a creative idea to raise money for his campaign.

The candidate, Eric Greitens, is raising money by selling “ISIS Hunting Permit” bumper stickers, which have the expiry date “when we defeat evil.” The stickers are selling for $10 each, and for $100 you can get one signed by Rob O’Neill, the SEAL who killed Bin Laden.

For some reason, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) thought that this is somehow offensive. BizPacReview reports:

“The problem is with his target audience. Amongst them are radicals in this country who don’t know the difference between the two [Muslims and radical Islamists],” Faizan Syed, the executive director of CAIR Missouri, told Fox 2 Now.

“Those are the people who we have to be worried about when they get a bumper sticker saying ‘here’s your permit to attack ISIS’. When they see a woman at Walmart with her children and they say, ‘this looks like ISIS, I’m going to attack ISIS,’ that is when the real trouble begins,” he added.

I’m pretty sure everyone can differentiate between ISIS and Walmart shoppers, but that aside, Greitens actually agrees to some extent.

“The reason there’s this confusion is that unfortunately we have a commander-in-chief who is unwilling to say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’,” Greitens said.

“The people ISIS have hurt the most, who’ve been murdered the most, are the Muslim community,” he said. “We have a problem not with Islam, there’s a problem with radical Islamic terrorism. As leaders, we need to be very clear there’s a difference,” he said.

Well said.

I think we’re all aware that the actions of terrorists don’t represent the views of all Muslims. Apparently CAIR didn’t get the memo, which isn’t surprising considering their radical ties.

Watch Fox 2 Now’s interview with Greitens:

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