Career Criminal Charged For String Of Hate Crime Attacks On Women In New York City

via stop hate crime: Kari Bazemore is a black male who has been arrested thirty two times. Since 2000, he has been arrested 2.13 times per year!

Yet, no matter what he did, authorities kept releasing him back into the public so he could victimize more people. Now he is being charged with assaulting three different female pedestrians. He is also a suspect in attacks on two other women.

Amanda Morris Whole Foods worker slash victim

One of the victims, Amanda Morris, was stabbed in the face right in front of her Chelsea area home.

A 32 year old white female was bashed in the face in Greenwich Village.

A 43 year old woman who based in the face with a heavy shopping bag on 5th Ave.

Police also believe Bazemore attacked two other women, aged 28 and 29, in the Bronx. The attacker yelled “white bitch” during the assault.

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