CARSON TO MUSLIMS: If You Can’t Accept our Values and Laws Stay In Middle East (VIDEO)

BREITBART: Thursday on Fox News Channel’s Republican presidential debate, Dr. Ben Carson had a strong message for practitioners of Islam, which was they must have a desire to accept “our values and our laws.”

When asked about a Muslim-American being concerned about Islamophobia, Carson said, “I don’t know about the GOP messaging, but I can tell you about my messaging. We need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies, because it’s going to kill us if we don’t. In the Holy Land foundation trial in 2006 in Texas, they had a memorandum, an explanatory memorandum that talked about the fact that Americans would be easy to overcome. And to commit civilization jihad because they were going to be trying to protect the rights of the very people who were trying to subvert them. But I believe in the Teddy Roosevelt philosophy. He said, we are a nation of immigrants. as such, everybody is welcome from any race, any country, any religion, if they want to be Americans. If they want to accept our values and our laws. If not, they can stay where they are.”

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