Catastrophe: Museum of Islamic Jew-Hatred to Open in Washington DC


A museum in Washington, DC dedicated to Islamic Jew-hatred. Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all. Cultural jihad.

Nakba means “catastrophe” in Arabic — that is what they call the establishment of the tiny Jewish state. There are close to 60 Muslim countries, but G-d forbid the Jews have a place called home. Their never-ending war against the Jews is unchanged by time and modernity.  That’s the true nakba. Until the Muslim world accepts and welcomes a Jewish state and the equality of non-Muslims, nothing will change.

What the world needs is a museum dedicated to Islamic Jew-hatred and the history of Jews under the boot of Islam.

This is the norming of hatred and legitimizing the big lie.

In 2011, Bshara Nassar participated in a New Story Leadership program that brought together young Israelis and Palestinians in a powerful learning experience. The program took 18 participants to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum which certainly seemed like an appropriate site for reflection. However, he realized that there was not a museum dedicated to showing the suffering of the Palestinian people. Although the program aspired to fairly expose participants to the historical underpinnings of the Israeli and Palestinian narratives on modern history, Nassar realized that it was missing a key element of the Palestinian experience – which inspired him to create the Nakba Museum, which is live online and will open its first physical exhibit in Washington, D.C. this June…..

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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