CAUGHT! Muslim “Asylum Seeker” Was Al Qaeda Jihadi

Obama is bringing them in by the hundreds of thousands and cutting the vetting process.


“CAUGHT: Former al-qaeda fighter who posed as ASYLUM SEEKER to enter Europe,” By Lizzie Stromme, May 16, 2016
A SYRIAN asylum seeker who ADMITS being a former al-qaeda fighter has been arrested at a reception centre.

The former al-Nusra fighter (not pictured) was arrested at a reception centre
Norwegian police arrested the 26-year-old man at the asylum centre in South-Rogaland after officers obtained a search warrant from the courts.Officials said the terror suspect, who fought for the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda called al-Nusra, sought asylum in Norway with his underage brother in autumn 2015.

According to local media the former al-Nusra fighter was detained on Friday morning.

Police Attorney Anne Karoline, of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PSS), confirmed that they had arrested a person but said she could not comment further on the indictment at this time.She added: “PSS chose to arrest the man after the courts gave its approval for a search warrant.”

According to the suspected terrorist’s lawyer he has admitted to being a former member of al-Nusra.

The Syrian admitted fighting for the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda called al-Nusra

Lawyer Niels-Christian Schelver Petersen said: “The reason for the arrest is unknown but he was arrested on Friday morning. 
He added that the 26-year-old has confirmed he belonged to the terrorist organisation in 2015 – the same year he sought asylum in Norway.“He came here with this underage brother autumn 2015,” Mr Petersen added.

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The 26-year-old terror suspect was arrested in South-Rogaland

Norwegian police

According to local media the former al-Nusra fighter was detained on Friday morning

“His brother is taken care of by the reception centre and child welfare services.”According to the lawyer the Syrian man denies any guilt and PSS are seeking to keep him in remained custody for four weeks.

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