HOLY SH*T! Local CBS Reporter Just Exposed CNN’s Anti-Trump Lies on Live Broadcast!

Recently, Trump appeared in his first new conference since the 2016 presidential election. This conference will be en-grained in the memories of CNN and Buzzfeed. Trump forever tarnished their “good” name. Actually, I think it’d be fair to say that they forever tarnished their good name.

While Trump was answering questions from reporters during the conference, the big elephant in the room regarding lies from CNN and BuzzFeed came up. Trump epiclly shut the reporters down and humiliated them in front of their fellow peers.

Now a viral new video from a CBS reporter is making its rounds on social media. The CBS host explains what the two-page report that was given to President Obama and members of Congress actually meant.

The report is said to have contained allegations that Russian officials tried to influence Trump through blackmail, and bribes, they also claimed that Trump assisted Russian efforts to hack the DNC. This reporter responded perfectly to the lies that spewed from these fake news sources, he said that not a single claim CNN or Buzzfeed made has been proven to be true.

The reason this entire Rusiian/Trump mess even began was because the D.C. political research firm wanted to play dirty. They hired a former British spy to dig up as much dirt on Donald Trump during the primaries as he could possibly find.

When the so called “spy” had finished his terrible version of an investigation he wrote a 35 page memo, then summerized it and slipped it into a national security breifing for members of congress and the president to review.

I really hope this British spy wasn’t paid well because he did his job TERRIBLY. None of the claims in the report were verified by the CIA or the FBI. Maybe this “spy” was actually some sort of free lance writer who was having fun writing a fictional novel about Trump and got paid bigtime for it.

Don’t Americans, liberal and Republican alike, want the truth from their news sources? I would think that everyone should be concerned over the toxic lies that have been pouring out of our television for the last eight years.

As conservatives we need to keep pushing for the truth, obviously, the mainstream media has no filter on what kind of news they publish.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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