BREAKING: CBS Reporter Tweets That Hillary’s About To Drop Out Of Race

I’ve seen some strange things during this campaign season, but this is one of the strangest. A CBS producer, Hannah Chanpong, tweeted Friday afternoon that an inside source in Hillary Clinton’s campaign was claiming that staffers were quitting and Hillary was dropping out because of the FBI document drop on Friday. Numerous reporters have asked Chanpong about the deleted tweet since then, but there has been no forthcoming answer. Very weird and very interesting.

My first thought is that this was some Trump supporter who had faked the tweet. One reader pointed out it looks fake because ‘favorites’ shows and not the more current ‘likes’. That’s a very good point. Twitter changed to ‘likes’ in 2015.

So, if it isn’t legitimate, why isn’t the producer denying it? Perhaps she is traveling and does not know yet that she is being hijacked over this. I highly doubt the Hildabeast is dropping out… nothing has stuck to her so far, so why would she?

From The Federalist Papers Project:

Twitter users have captured what they say was a pretty interesting post from a CBS reporter that claims Hillary Clinton’s staffers were resigning and that she might drop out of the race.

The alleged tweet was sent out Friday afternoon by CBS producer Hannah Chanpong:


“Source inside Clint. Camp: “Staff resigning & worries of H dropping out” after FBI release,” was all it read.

The original capture of the tweet was made by user “@Always_Trump!

Several reporters and others have asked Chanpong repeatedly about her deleted tweet in the last 36 hours, but she has not responded.



Chanpong is the real deal. She graduated from Northwestern in 2011 with a Journalism degree and quickly moved up the career ladder from a desk associate at CBS to an associate producer covering Clinton.

hannah chanpong

One of the problems in journalism today is that they take a lack of a denial as a confirmation. Since Chanpong hasn’t denied sending this tweet (that she allegedly subsequently deleted), many are taking it as confirmation that she sent it and that it’s valid. Until she actually confirms or denies it, though, it’s really impossible to tell.

But the longer she goes without saying anything, the more skeptical people will become.

She will eventually have to address it either way.

Also, if many of her staffers are stepping down, we’ll know soon as well.

Twitter is melting down over this, but it would seem it was timed to take advantage of the FBI’s release of Clinton’s confidential interviews from their investigation into her private email server scandal. Both the document dump and the tweet occurred on the same day… Friday.

Hannah’s Twitter account is being bombed with questions and she’s pretty much ignoring them. I think the producer probably had a CBS attorney reach out and touch whoever took the faux screenshot. That may be the reason Chanpong is not commenting either at this point.

Let the conspiracy theories rage!


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