Celeb Pissed She Peed Her Pants At Gay Pride Parade – Look Who She Made Pay BIG Price For It

Kelly Osbourne just made a royal ass out of herself because Starbuck’s employees had to follow company policy.

The freak that is Kelly Osborne apparently was enjoying the Pride / Resist Parade in New York City with her friend Sam Smith this past Sunday when she suddenly got the urge to take a number 1. Osbourne attempted to use the restroom at a Starbucks on the corner of 6th Ave. and 27th St. But she was quickly turned away by employees because she was too damn cheap to buy something from the coffee house in order to use the restroom.

Esquire Magazine Reports: 

Starbucks has been catching a lot of flak lately after one of the company’s Phoenix locations denied the use of its bathroom to a pregnant woman. But even if that incident appears to be an isolated case, seekers of free public toilets worry that this attempt to exclude non-paying customers from using its facilities is a sign that widespread change to its lax bathroom policy is in the works. Eventually, claims one infallibly accurate source, civilians in major metropolitan areas will revolt and a debacle will ensue, as imagined by the following policies that all Starbucks will absolutely be required to post on its bathroom doors someday.

But here is when things got fun. It seems Osbourne peed her pants because of Starbuck’s policy. Of course, any normal person would have just let this go and kept their big mouth shut in order not to suffer public humiliation. But who are we kidding here, Kelly Osborne is far from normal so she actually posted about her ordeal on social media.

This was one of the many epic responses Osborne received for her obvious desperate ploy to grab attention.

Starbucks responded to dozens of tweets consisting of complaints from other Twitter users but the company never responded to Osborne’s original tweet. Good for them.

4 Starbucks Policies That Drive Customers Crazy

Starbucks has several policies that both baristas and customers consistently misunderstand, which almost always ends with an unhappy patron.

Seattle attorney Melody Overton identifies the four most confusing policies on her blog, StarbucksMelody.com.

1. The refill policy. Starbucks offers unlimited free refills — no matter what your original drink order was — as long as you’re inside the store and you’re a Starbucks Rewards member at the Green and Gold levels.

“Once you leave the store, it is NOT a refill,” Overton explains. ” However, the only items that can be offered to you at the refill price [ie. free] are as follows: Iced Coffee, Brewed Coffee (such as the coffee of the day, such as Pike Place Roast – not a Clover-brewed coffee), Iced Tea, and hot tea.”  The hot tea refill comes with an extra tea bag.

2. Charges for soy milk: Starbucks caused an uproar a couple years ago when it began charging customers extra for soy milk.

Despite the rule change, Overton says, “If you are adding soy milk to your coffee as a creamer, and using less than four ounces, the customer should not be charged. Yet somehow that does cause confusion at the registers too.”

3. The camera policy: Starbucks customers are free to snap as many photos as they want inside stores. But they should ask for permission before featuring baristas in their photos. This policy has not always been understood by Starbucks workers, or “partners,” as they are called within the company.

4. The personal cup discount. Starbucks offers a 10-cent discount to customers who bring their own mug or tumbler to the store.

“Sometimes customers get mad when they don’t get it for using a for-here Starbucks store mug,” Overton writes. “Sorry, the policy doesn’t allow for a discount for using the Starbucks store for-here ware.”

In a statement to E! News, a spokesperson for Starbucks said today that they are working to follow up with Osbourne to clarify any confusion on this matter. They went on to say that there just is no restroom in that particular location and that customers who need to use a restroom are usually directed to a store a couple of blocks away. They apologized for the big misunderstanding and said they hope to welcome Osbourne back for a beverage on the house very soon.

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