After Getting Savagely Attacked By Celebrities, Melania Makes Massive Move Few Saw Coming

What a time to be alive when the celebrities calling for decency in Donald Trump’s America are the least decent people out there.

While traditionally attacking the first family is off limits, that hasn’t been the case for the Trump family. “Comedian” Chelsea Handler has been along the latest to get media attention for attacking Melania and Barron Trump.

Here are a number of her latest dumb comments:

It’s rightly provoked criticism from many:

Handler is just one of many crazy celebrities to go after the first family, and as Western Journalism reported, like her husband, she fights back.

Melania Trump has had enough.

New media reports say that the first lady is assembling a team to fight back against the social media attacks on both her and her son Barron, 10.

The first lady has shown in the past that although she keeps a low profile, she will not be trampled upon.

Last year, she filed a $150 million lawsuit against the parent corporation of the British publication The Daily Mail and a Maryland blogger named Webster Griffin Tarpley, who she claims defamed her by publishing reports claiming she was at one time an escort. Both publications retracted their stories but are still facing the lawsuit.

Aren’t the same liberals attacking the first family now the same ones who would consider attacking Obama’s wife and daughters “racist” or “misogynistic”?

What do you all think? Personally, I think the best way to combat this is to fight back ourselves. Give these celebrities a piece of mind when they make dumb comments like this – and boycott their shows and films. Hollywood is completely delusional if they truly think the rest of America thinks like them. We’re paying their bills – and we can stop at any time.

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