This Liberal Celebrity Just Crossed The Line And Made a Personal Attack on Barron Trump – Gets INSTANT Karma!

Katie Rich of Saturday Night Live just killed her career by Tweeting something beyond stupid about Barron Trump. She blasted Twitter with an absurd Tweet that he will be Americas first homeschool shooter.

Here’s the ridiculous and heartless Tweet she sent. This is OK if you send it to an adult because adults can bash each other and it’s acceptable. But you don’t diss a child. When you’re only borderline attractive and not funny, then you don’t really have any room to make homeschool shooter jokes about a ten-year-old boy. If you want to ride the waves of Trump’s hair into a sea of jokes – then yes. That’s always funny, even Trump’s voters get a good laugh at that (because we know how to joke around). But knocking on a ten-year-old like a bully isn’t cool unless you’re also ten. And judging by her inability to rouse a laugh from most people, she might be mentally ten-years-old herself.

I didn’t know an adult with the brain of a ten-year-old bully could be such an ignoramus.

Here’s her Tweet, which is literally the only reason I’ve ever heard of her. She must be the SNL backup dancer or girl who wipes the active player sweat from the floor with a long mop like they do at NBA games.


Now she’s hiding behind a private Twitter page so people can’t remind her how much of a b*tch she is.


You can tell Katie Rich is one of the smart ones, because she makes a homeschool joke about a kid who isn’t homeschooled. How did she get on SNL? I thought Saturday Night Live was supposed to be funny and usually smart people come up with witty jokes. I know SNL hasn’t been the same since the legends of comedy left many years ago, but they could at least find someone who might have something to offer. She isn’t even hot, so she doesn’t have that going for her. She’s like a mix between Flo and Lena Dunham.


Breitbart reports – Barron, 10, attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s youngest son has been the victim of personal attacks before.

Last November, Rosie O’Donnell, a longtime nemesis of President Trump, posted a tweet which included a link to a video that questioned whether Barron is autistic. O’Donnell defended the tweet before deleting it and apologizing to the Trump family.

Busting Melania’s (really nice looking) chops for posing nude as a model is one thing, but picking on a kid is something only a loser would do.

You know how Twitter is. Say something the masses hate and you face a barrage of highly critical Tweets. She’s getting the same treatment as Leslie Jones, the really ugly actress from the miserably failed Ghostbusters for feminists remake.

Katie Rich struck a huge nerve with Twitter users. You know what happens when Twitter gets mad? You’ve seen that pig Leslie Jones right? You saw what happened to her and she had a meltdown. Meltdowns look great on over-sized women with bad hair.

twit twit1 twit2 twit3

If Barron wants to shoot Katie Rich when he’s older, then I won’t be shocked. I might even throw a few bucks into his legal fund to help him claim insanity after years of bullying from Katie Rich.

I would understand where he’s coming from if he blasted her, but I certainly would not advise it nor condone it. Barron will be too smart to let someone like Katie Rich bother him. Barron will be more successful than a hacky SNL twit and he will go on to do great things with his life. He’s a kid and grown ups should leave him alone. Everyone knows the kids are off limits.

I wish we could put Katie Rich in a time machine and send her to April 20, 1999. I would introduce her to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

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