Entitled Celebrity Tweets That His Illegal Alien House Keeper and Family Were Deported—He Never Saw What Was Coming NEXT!

Here goes another round of liberal celebrities doing stupid things and proving how they’re out of touch, and entitled.

Chaz Bono, who was previously a woman and now claims to be a man, is angry because her housekeeper’s HELPER was deported. So this entitled twit pays a helper who has their own helper? Chaz basically hired an illegal immigrant to do cheap work. That’s a crime, right?

He attached a copy of the California Values Act – a document outlining the state’s desire to “protect the safety and well-being of all Californians by ensuring that state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations, separate families or divide Californians.”

If Chaz Bono was expecting sympathy from Twitter users, he didn’t get it.

Chaz Bono is so out of touch, that this foolish transgender creep blasts ICE on Twitter. Funny enough, Chaz incriminates herself for having ties to illegal immigrants in the process.

Her tweet targets ICE and tagged Governor Jerry Brown to ask what he’s doing about this? What would he do? They’re illegal. Tough cookies, Chaz. You’re also guilty by association because technically they’re getting paid with your money. Maybe you should be arrested too.


Twitter exploded with a round of hilarious replies.  Liberal logic 101 – when you’re potentially breaking the law by possibly indirectly hiring illegal immigrants, then you probably don’t want to Tweet about it. I don’t know if what Chaz Bono did was legal or not, but if it’s even questionable, then she should keep her trap closed.

Here’s a handful of the good Tweets where people criticize the entitled celebrity sex change queen. Maybe celebrities will finally shut up about politics and go back to making good movies and music. Chaz Bono is only a celebrity because it’s Cher’s daughter. Chaz is not a talented celebrity by any means. That’s my opinion and it’s correct.

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