If you ever had any doubt that the simple reason Obama got elected twice is because he’s black, you’ll want to see this video. Anyone who has the nerve to suggest such a thing is quickly labeled as an absolute racist by liberals. When you’re also black yourself – like, oh, let’s just say Rihanna – and point out the fact that Obama is so awesome because he’s black, it’s the complete opposite.

And this is exactly what’s wrong with America.

During an impromptu interview with a reporter from TMZ, Rihanna, while making her way to her car, was asked, “What’s the best thing about visiting the White House?”

Her response was simple and transparent as she shot back, “My President being black.”

TMZ further details, “If you’re an African-American considering a run for the White House in 2016, you’ve probably already sewn up Rihanna’s vote.”

This is exactly what’s wrong with America and something even Martin Luther King Jr. would have spoken out loudly against. If we are to judge men, not based on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character, what does this say about how far we’ve come as a nation?

Reverse racism is still just that – bigotry.

Let us know your thoughts on what Rihanna had to say.


-Courtesy of Mad World News

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