Snobby Celebs Who Declined Trump’s Inauguration Invite Get Slammed By HORRIBLE News!

We’ve all heard how snotty, and immature some celebrities are being about performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day. Cowards really, the lot of them. I say this because man of them have nothing against Trump. They are simply to big of cowards to go against what Trump haters are telling threatening to do if they do perform.

Threatening to not listen to their music anymore, or to boycott them and tell everyone. HAH! The fact that some of them have fallen under this pressure and declined to perform at the inauguration just makes me lose respect for them, and I’m certain I am not the only one.

Again I say, cowards.

However, unfortunately for people who decided they aren’t their own person but a puppet to be told what to do, there is always a certain type of loss that comes with it…because they were defeated by their cowardice.

Those that declined to perform have received some seriously bad news, and have actually made their worst nightmare come true. The nightmare they thought they were avoiding when they decided to stand down to Trump haters…


Celebrities such as Elton John, KISS, Celine Dion, and Justin Timberlake have rejected Trump’s invite to perform, and now famed opera singer, Jackie Evancho, who found her fame when she competed on “America’s Got Talent” is reaping the rewards that come with accepting such an invite and sharing her talent.


Her decision is paying off, and it’s paying off literally.

Her latest album “Someday at Christmas” hit #1 on Billboards Classical Albums chart. TMZ has also reported that her weekly album sales have skyrocketed and actually have quadrupled in digital sales AND retailers had to restock twice to keep up with demands.

Is it just coincidence. I’d say not.

Talent is given to those that are willing to share it. If John Elton, and Justin Timberlake and all those celebrities think they got to where they are based on what they have done for themselves…they are fools. Talents are a gift from God to share with the world…not people you pick and choose to be worthy of it.

There are consequences for that, and they are feeling them.

Here are a few of Evancho’s performances.

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