CEO Who Threatened To Assassinate Trump With SNIPER RIFLE Cries About His Life Being Flipped Upside Down (VIDEO)

We all make bad choices in life, and sometimes we make one really bad choice that comes with devastating consequences. But rarely anyone screws up as big as Matt Harrigan, Former CEO of PacketSled. The dummy lost his job for threatening to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump with a sniper rifle. Doesn’t get more serious than that. He thought that losing his job was bad, but when he started to receive death threats he began to feel the weight of how serious his comments were.

Harrigan gave an interview to ABC 10 News to tell his side of the story. He tells Allison Ash “I feel terrible about it and I feel stupid” about the comments he made on Facebook. He says he’s ashamed of what he wrote. “I’m incredibly apologetic, for that. I don’t know,” Harrigan said. “It was [a] very, very dumb thing to do, and I regret it very much… and I would take it back if I could.” Harrigan wrote a series of angry Facebook posts on election night that were very off base for a security advisor.

He wrote, “I’m going to kill the president-elect” and “Bring it, secret service.” He even mentioned perching himself up with a sniper rifle. Telling Donald Trump to “find a bedroom in the white house that suit’s you Mother*$%&#@ I’ll find you”.

Harrigan said he was intoxicated when he wrote the comments. He said most of his friends knew he was joking and he was being “over the top” with his “distasteful joke”. Well, one of his friends wasn’t finding his comments funny. That friend shared the distasteful messages outside their circle of Facebook friends and onto Twitter where the posts went viral. Once they went viral Harrigan realized that his life was about to be flipped upside down. “It started to trend very, very quickly and started spiraling and I was blown away,” Harrigan said.

“Bring it, secret service”, well they did. The Secret Service did a two-hour interview with Harrigan inside his Del Mar home. They did not say whether criminal charged would be filed.

Harrigan said he and his family have left their home with fear that the death threats they have received would be carried out. Now Matt Harrigan know’s how Donald Trump must have felt. Threats to your family are not funny. Drunk or not you need to be careful about what you post on the internet.

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