CHAOS: POLICE INJURED After #BlackLivesMatter Attacks Cops With Rocks, Rebar, Bottles, Fireworks, Molotov Cocktails

More law enforcement officers have been injured by Black Lives Matter protesters. This time in St. Paul, Minnesota after they took over the I-94 freeway. They were protesting the death of African Americans Philandro Castille and Alton Sterling. Protesters attacked police officers who tried to clear the roads. They threw chunks of concrete, bottles, rocks, Molotov cocktails and rebar. It lasted for three hours.

One video on Twitter shows fireworks being thrown in the direction of police officers.

The St. Paul Police Deparmwnt took to Twitter to provide incoming details about the entire situation.

The protests began as peaceful and ended in violence. Multiple officers were hit in the head with rocks and concrete slabs. Inert smoke was used to get rid of protesters refusing to leave the highway. Rebar was thrown from the highway down below at officers. The officers continued to work diligently to free up the highway for public use.

Law enforcement officials asked protesters over twelve times to leave the freeway but not of their orders were taken. The SPPD attempted to negotiate with the protesters as the Black Lives Matter members chose which people would be symbolically arrested.

Part of the metro subway system was shut down because of all the protesting, too. Through their social media Twitter page the St. Paul Police Department tweeted dozens of updates to inform the public of the situation as it developed.

After the attacks on police officers in Dallas it doesn’t appear that violence against police officers by radical Black Lives Matter members will stop anytime soon. Unfortunately, the violence continues to increase and heat up as time goes on.

During this time of adversity the police could use a hefty dose of prayer from us all on their behalf. Remember, blue lives matter too. Let’s not forget.

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