Chargers Player and Navy Officer Shames Kaepernick, Says He’ll Always Stand for the Armed Forces

Despite the backlash, a number of other footballers are joining Colin Kaepernick in his protest against the national anthem. I imagine these other players also think they’re oppressed, as they bring in tens of millions of dollars annually.

Among those joining Kaepernick are his teammate Eric Reid, and Jeremy Lane, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks. “I’m very happy, I’m very proud of him for doing that,’’ Kaepernick said after hearing the news. “I think there are a lot of people that know there are issues and want to address them.’’ He actually is putting $1 million of his own money towards addressing the issues he’s concerned with, but it’s to Black Lives Matter, which hardly does anything to actual calm tensions between the public and the police.

Kaepernick said he’s received growing support from “numbers” of players around the league, but clearly fans aren’t thinking the same way. He was loudly booed as he ran out to the field at last night’s game, where he continued his protest.

Among one of them shaming Kaepernick is San Diego Chargers fullback Chris Swain, who was formally a Navy football player. As the San Diego Union Tribune reported, he stated;


“He has the freedom to do what he wishes during the national anthem,” Swain said. “He can sit or stand. There are social issues out there. I choose to stand and pay my dues to the American flag and members of the armed forces. He can do what he wants; he can sit or stand. That’s his decision.”

That’s the freedom he fought for. Kaepernick has every right to do what he’s doing, even if its for an absurd reason. Truly oppressed people don’t have that luxury.

Two days ago, an executive for NFL compared the disdain for Kaepernick to that of convicted murderer Rae Carruth (who was obviously a former football player). When you’re being compared to a murderer, that’s saying something. If the pressure keeps mounting on the NFL, Kaepernick may find himself crying “oppression” when he’s booted from his team.

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