Charlie Hebdo’s First Cover Since Jihad Slaughter


After radical Islamic terrorists raided the Charlie Hebdo offices in france and murdered 12 people last week, the satirical weekly newspaper has reportedly released a defiant new cover featuring the Prophet Mohammed crying and holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign.

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Je suis Charlie, a phrase that became popular across the globe following the attacks, means “I am Charlie.” The other French phrase on the cover apparently means, “All is forgiven.”

Last week’s deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices that killed 12 people is believed to have been revenge for the French satirical publication’s mockery of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and France’s military involvement in Muslim countries.

The main suspects in the attack, brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, were killed Friday after police raided the building where they had holed up with a hostage north of Paris.

—Courtesy of TheBlaze


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