Charlotte BlackLivesMatter Thugs ATTACK An Elderly Man Because He’s ‘WHITE’ (VIDEO)

I saw this video the other day while scrolling on Facebook, and I won’t lie, it got the best of me. It’s heartbreaking. I had to shut down facebook, and just take a moment to try and erase the images from my mind, and of course that didn’t help any.

Then I just got pissed.

How dare these savage dirtbags be such assholes to another human being? Really? This man is homeless, elderly, and already leading a difficult life and these pieces of scum stand around laughing when that sorry excuse for a human beats the poor guy down to the ground?

I hate this planet sometimes, you know?

Are their brains really that far rotted away that they no longer have any sort of moral compass on what is considered good and what is considered being an EM-EFFING piece of doo doo!? (Sorry, I am highly annoyed)

I know that watching this video put a real bad taste in my mouth, and some serious need to slam retribution on these scumbags…but I’m still going to show it to you, or else you might not believe these asshats actually walk among us.

Can you believe it? That just makes it THAT much more difficult to find any compassion for their terrorist group “BlackLivesMatter” claim to the so-called ‘injustices’ they are facing in America. Bull freaking CRAP!

With attitudes, and disgusting behavior like this? It’s real clear why their lives suck….THEY SUCK!

I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect and kindness as I would the flipp’in Queen of England herself. That’s how it should be.

However, in this case we are talking about a homeless man, who I am sure has many stories of hard times he could share with us, but still stands grateful for what he does have.

These are people that are in need of even the most BASIC of needs, the very things we take for granted if we don’t remind ourselves of what we should be grateful for.

…and they treat him like he’s not even a human being?

Round them up, and throw them in a dungeon of others just like them. Let the problem take care of itself.

That is all.

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