WATCH: Charlotte Rioters Beat White Man As He Begs For Mercy

Charlotte thug rioters gang jumped a man in a parking garage for a really good reason – the guy was white!


The fact that the white guy was in a parking garage meant either he lived there or was visiting someone. Or, he works there. That being said, he probably has a job.

Work is something the Black Lives Matter thugs don’t like to participate in. They’d rather sit around being bums all day, then beating people at night every time a cop shoots a criminal.

The white guy in this video has nothing to do with the shooting of that Keith Lamont Scott fella or any other black person shot by a cop. It doesn’t even matter if a BLACK COP SHOOTS A BLACK THUG – the losers still use it as an excuse to steal, beat people, and destroy a neighborhood.

This is sadly what people are now calling the “black mentality” or the “thug mentality” and it’s extremely sad because that is NOT how things should be.

Hannity – Although numerous individual acts of assault, looting, and violence have been reported, one horrible incident seems to capture the chaos that enveloped Charlotte on Wednesday evening. In a video making the rounds on social media, an unidentified man is beaten and dragged along the ground as he begs his assailants for mercy. The beating is said to have taken place in the garage of the Epicenter, a shopping mall in downtown Charlotte

This is NOT what being an American is all about. This is NOT what being black or white is about either.

There’s so many better black American’s who deserve recognition for the good things they do, but every time riots like this happen, those good people get blurred out by the bad black Americans.

I think it’s time for the good people of the African American community to shape up or ship out the loser thugs.

Start reprimanding the thugs on their senseless behavior.

People like the thugs in this video make the rest of a culture look bad. Stand up to them and don’t let them hold your culture and skin color hostage.

There are too many good black people in this world to let some thuggish losers make the rest of them look bad.

When the good black people of America stand up and reprimand the bad ones, then you’ll see a real change. Good people thrive while thugs like this will always be losers.

Don’t let the losers hold you down.

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