Charlotte Thugs Leaves Cop’s Body With Disgusting Thing They Did…

Charlotte riots have gone mad. The idiots there turned a “peaceful protest” into a firey loot-filled war zone all because a black cop shot a black thug with a gun.

Go figure. They can’t even play the race card on this one, but they’ll still wreck a town for no reason.

It makes sense now that the thugs in Charlotte would do an unthinkably and inhumane act such as gather around an injured cop and throw shady laughter in his direction. What did that particular cop do to deserve being injured and insulted?

Nothing. But thugs wanna be thugs, so this is what they do. Rather than get a job and start a family, these losers knock up overweight women, make multuple kids, avoid childsupport payments like the plague, and have an alarm clock that goes off everytime a black man is shot by police.

Ding ding! The looter alarm sounds and all the jobless, no-daddy, thug-a-bee losers swarm the streets and cause chaotic violence. Why? Because another black man was an idiot who didn’t listen to police.

That must mean it’s time for the Charlotte thugs to riot, loot, and lynch white people. These thugs are such losers that they assaulted a CNN reporter. The Charlotte thugs are so stupid that they don’t even know CNN is a mostly leftist outlet that would probably milk the teet of every Black Lives Matter thug.

/// Police fire tear gas into the crowd of protesters late Tuesday night on Old Concord Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. (photo by Ely Portillo, Charlotte Observer) This was the only one I could get to load into the email. Sorry. If more come in soon, I'll send them. Jane McAlister Pope Night Editor The Charlotte Observer P.O. Box 30308 Charlotte, NC 28230-0308 704-358-5052

Madworld News – Rioters swarmed this man’s injured body and laughed at his suffering until his backup arrived to break them up and get the hurt cop medical attention. While they were addressing this situation, the animals went on to riot which eventually turned into one thug shooting and killing another.

It’s okay with the BLM for a black thug to shoot another black man, but for a black cop to shoot one as a trained response to a threatening situation, all hell breaks loose. This proves that they don’t know what they are rioting for, because if black lives mattered to them as much as they claim they do, they wouldn’t be killing each other during the protest of a black criminal having been killed.

If I saw a cop knocked to the ground and injured, then I’d probably pick them up. I know if they saw me laying on the floor in pain that they’d be the first person to run towards me and lift me up.

Black Lives Matter supporters are uneducated ingrates who are most likely fatherless children of irresponsible breeding in the urban community. They’re the extremely violent thugs of America who, in between beating innocent people, also like to steal from stores and burn down businesses.

Black Lives Matter supporters are the worst people of America.

They’re a disgrace to humanity and they make black people look guilty by association. They call white people racist just because they’re white. They attack people just because they’re white.

They call every white person racist because we were born without dark pigment. How is a a fetus supposed to control the color of their skin? They can’t. But as we grow, we learn how to control our body, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

I judge Black Lives Matter thugs and supporters on their actions and NOT the color of their skin.

Based off what I’ve seen so far, I can proudly say F*ck Black Lives Matter and the hoopty they drove in on.

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