Chelsea Clinton Just Trash Talked One Of Her Father’s Rape Victims— She NEVER Expected To Get KNOCKED OUT!

One of Bill Clinton’s rape victims took aim at his daughter Chelsea Clinton when she said that what her father did was sick, awful, and disgusting. But apparently being classless and tasteless runs in the family because Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter to send out a passive aggressive tweet in regards to an illegal immigration issue that had undertones from the Juanita Broaddrick case. See below,

Broaddrick is the woman who accused the former President of raping her in 1978. She is an Arkansas native of the former First Families home state. The case ultimately failed and the former President was never held responsible for his actions. Hillary Clinton then attempted to destroy all of her husband’s victims. Tensions came to a high when the President invited Broaddrick and other sexual assault victims of Clinton to the final presidential debate.

The sexual assault victim even had the temerity to respond to Chelsea Clinton’s comment on Twitter. See her response below,

This certainly appears to be the scandal that never dies and goes away. But in the end, the Clinton’s legacy and fame will die and the little that people remember will not be good. What people will remember is the predator we had for a President and the hypocritical thug he called a wife. Our country is better off without the both of them in power.

This brief exchange highlights the wildly inaccurate double standard the Clinton family has. They stand before the country pretending to be agents of change and feminism. Yet their track records indicate otherwise. It shows a rapist who got away with his crimes and a wife who tried to destroy them.

The era of Clinton is gone. The era of Trump has come. Scandals like this won’t exist in the new White House.

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