Chelsea Clinton Goes Into FULL RAGE After Her Disgusting Tie To Wife-Beating Illegal Just Got Out

Chelsea Clinton has gone full retard since her mother lost the election to PRESIDENT Trump. Chelsea has been super vocal on Twitter, usually sounding like an idiot, and quite frankly just being annoying to anyone whose remotely intelligent.

In this weeks “crybaby Tweets by Chelsea” she’s whining about ILLEGAL immigrants being rounded up by ICE and facing deportation.

If you break a law and get caught LATER, then you still broke a law. There are people who commit crimes and are caught later in life and still go to jail. The people who ICE grabbed are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Breaking into a country is against the law. If I break into Chelsea Clinton’s house tonight, when she’s not home, then years later they find out it was me – am I still responsible for serving the punishment that my crime requires? Yes, yes I am.

On that note, I do not know where Chelsea Clinton lives, nor am I breaking into her house. That was just an example to remind you how stupid the liberal democrats are. They think breaking the law is OK, but it’s not.

Chelsea bitches about ICE agents arresting undocumented people. The person who called it in is a wife-beater. Does she know this guy or something? Does she know the girl who is being deported? Why can’t she shut up?

Gateway Pundit: Clinton was responding to a report that a woman was detained by ICE in the El Paso County Courthouse in Texas as she received a protective order against her boyfriend for domestic violence. That is the propaganda angle being pushed by liberals and the media but the story goes much deeper.

Clinton responded to a tweet by former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign operative Jesse Lehrich about the detention that read, “6 ICE agents arrested an undocumented woman at a courtroom as she received a protective order. they were tipped off by her domestic abuser.”

Clinton commented, “I need a thesaurus. What’s another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible”

I had the perfect response for her. She didn’t reply. She knows she’s wrong, but she’s a hardcore anti-Trumper, so anything that happens during Trump’s Presidency, she will probably be against.

Chelsea could be a cool chick, but she chooses not to be.

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