Chelsea Slips Up, Just Said Something That Will End Hillary’s Campaign [VIDEO]

Chelsea Clinton walked back into the spotlight when she gave a speech to introduce her mother Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this week. She slipped in front of cameras while talking with a Hispanic person saying her mother believes the Affordable Care Act should also cover undocumented illegal immigrants.

Chelsea said,

“My mom has very strong feelings that we must push as quickly as possible for her comprehensive immigration reform, and this is a real difference between hers and Senator Sanders’ record.”

She went on,

“She supported comprehensive immigration reform at every possible chance and she was one of the original supporters and sponsors of the DREAM Act. She does not believe that while we are working towards comprehensive immigration reform we should make people wait, like the families you are talking about.”

And finally the real kisser,

“Which is why she thinks it’s so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status, regardless of citizenship status.”

Well that’s certainly not something that we have heard Hillary Clinton promoting in the past. What Chelsea is saying is Hillary believes that illegal immigrants, regardless of their status, should have access to free healthcare while their visas and green cards are processing. Even if they don’t have either.

I didn’t realize we lived in a universe in which money grew on trees. That’s a utopia I would certainly love to live in. Where exactly will the money to pay for these illegal immigrants healthcare come from? Whose paying for it?

Perhaps the American taxpayers who are here legally and bust their hump every day to make ends meet. What is fair about those legal citizens having to carry the burden and brunt of these peoples fiscal negligence?

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