CHENEY DESTROYS CNN: Trump Took Us To Point Where We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore (VIDEO)

Dick Cheney has a subtle, biting wit that I have always admired. He puts it on display at the Reagan National Defense Forum 2016. His best line came at the expense of the media when talking about President-elect Donald Trump. He said that Trump is at the point that he doesn’t need them anymore. Oh, that is so very true. Of course, Cheney apologized right after that, but he meant what he said. It’s an obvious truth and even better… he said it to CNN.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta talked about the new era of foreign policy under President-elect Donald Trump with CNN’s Barbara Starr at the Reagan Library. During the interview, Cheney says that he has not been asked for advice from Trump, but would be glad to help if called on to do so. Cheney firmly believes that Trump should reverse Obama’s policies on Iran and nuclear weapons. He also feels that there is major damage control that needs to be done with our allies since Obama has destroyed most of those relationships.

From Real Clear Politics:

CHENEY: I think he needs to be careful but he’ll learn as he goes along. I think he is putting some brains and good people with him. I am a big fan of Mike Pence. I know Mike well from his 12 years in the House and I think he’s a great choice as Vice President. He’s going to play a major role. I think Mr. Trump is taking very, very seriously the job that he has gotten now. Staffing up the administration.

I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it is sort of a way around the press. He doesn’t have to rely upon, uh, rely upon — this is the modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.


CHENEY: I apologize.

Cheney has a very dry sense of humor. But his eyes don’t lie… they twinkle when he’s really poking someone. CNN was trying to smear Trump with Cheney over using twitter to express his opinions. Cheney was having none of that nonsense. He believes that President-elect Trump is surrounding himself with good, strong people. He especially admires Mike Pence and thinks he was a fantastic choice for VP.

The media has done this to themselves. They have made themselves irrelevant by being partisan and acting as a propaganda arm for the Left. With the advent of the Internet and social media, people can find out the truth themselves and information moves at the speed of light. Donald Trump did indeed show everyone out there just how little they need the mainstream media. When you’ve got Dick Cheney saying that, you know you are in deep doo doo.

Cheney speaks at the 7:08:09 mark.

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