Chicago Black Gang Member Lured Child From Playground And Executed Him Point Blank


Why are they not protesting for this boy?

Via Daily Mail:

Three gangsters allegedly lured Tyshawn Lee to his death after spotting the nine-year-old in a playground following weeks of searching for a victim to exact revenge on for another gang-related attack.

Investigators claim Corey Morgan, 27, and two other men went out armed every day looking for potential targets after a shooting by a rival gang in October killed his brother and injured his mother.

Morgan – who was charged with first-degree murder on Friday – said he ‘was going to kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all,’ according to court documents.

One of the three men approached Tyshawn – possibly because of his father’s alleged gang affiliation – after seeing him put his basketball down as he climbed onto swings in a playground, prosecutors said.

The man led Tyshawn down a nearby alley while two other men followed in an SUV, investigators allege.

The nine-year-old was shot three times at close range, including once to the head and once in the back.

The third bullet severed the top of the boy’s right thumb, suggesting he tried to block the gunshots, his autopsy found.

Morgan was questioned earlier this month and was re-arrested and charged with murder on Friday. His attorney Jonathan Brayman said Morgan ‘absolutely denies’ being involved in the fourth-grader’s death.

Of the two other men, one is in custody on a gun charge and remains unidentified.

Meanwhile police are looking for Kevin Edwards, who investigators believe was involved with the shooting.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the three men’s precise roles were still under investigation, but that they were all members of the same gang.

‘They’re going to be obliterated. That gang just signed its own death warrant,’ McCarthy said on Friday. ‘We’re going to go and destroy that gang.’

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