Four reputed gang members have been charged with gunning down Antonio Smith, 9, as they searched for someone from a rival gang to shoot last month. Charged with first-degree murder are, from left, Jabari Williams, 22, Derrick Allmon, 19, Michael Baker, 19 and Paris R. Denard, 19. (Chicago police photos /)

Where’s the outrage? Why is no one rioting for this boy? Why doesn’t the black community give a damn? Where is Eric Holder and Obama? They aren’t flying down to meet with the family? Where is the race baiter, Al Sharpton? Where is the video of young black children calling whites Racist?


From the Chicago Tribune: Chicago’s youngest victim lost to gun violence this year may have been targeted by four reputed gang members who thought the boy shouted a warning to rival gangbangers, Chicago police said Friday in announcing charges in the month-old slaying.

At a news conference, Superintendent Garry McCarthy lauded the help of the community in solving the slaying of 9-year-old Antonio Smith Jr., saying police had little to go on after his shooting Aug. 20 in a back yard in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood

“The community refused to stay silent and provided us with vital information that culminated in the arrest of these three offenders,” McCarthy told reporters Friday afternoon at police headquarters. A fourth suspect was charged later.

Police allege the four – all members of the Sircon City faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang – were riding in two cars that afternoon looking to shoot members of the Pocket Town, a rival GD faction. In the 1200 block of East 71st Street, they spotted two men they believed were rivals, police said.

According to McCarthy, the alleged gunman, Derrick Allmon, 19, got out of one car, walked over to the other and talked to Jabari Williams, 22, who handed Allmon a handgun and told him to shoot the two.

“As Allmon approached his intended targets on foot, he came across Antonio Smith in the rear yard of a residence,” McCarthy said. “Believing that Antonio Smith was yelling a warning to his intended victims, Allmon shot Antonio Smith multiple times, wounding him fatally.”


Antonio’s body was found on a concrete slab just a few feet from railroad tracks that have long served as the dividing line between the two rival gang factions. Police have said Antonio was not in a gang but lived in an area controlled by the Pocket Town faction.

Allmon, who police say has the word “Blessed” tattooed across his chest, had just been paroled from state prison in early August after serving about 1 1/2 years of a 3 1/2-year sentence on a weapons conviction, according to McCarthy.

“He should not have been on the street to commit this murder,” said McCarthy, apparently quibbling with state law requiring offenders convicted of certain crimes an early release from prison with good behavior. “The real kicker to this entire case is that it didn’t have to happen.”

McCarthy said a .380-caliber handgun was used in the slaying and discarded by Allmon in a sewer as he fled from the shooting scene. Investigators recovered the gun on Thursday, he said. Read More


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