Chicago Gay Pride Bully Mouths Off In Taco Bell, What Happened Next Has Him Seeing Stars

A fist fight recently broke out at a Taco Bell in Chicago after the Gay Pride parade took place. Now the video catching the exchange is all over the internet. Watch below!

The man in the doorway can be heard screaming what appears to be homosexual and discriminatory profanities to other customers. But the other customers aren’t backing down from his bullying. The African American man in the doorway try’s to charge the other customers several times but is stopped by another gentleman in the doorway who appears to be with him.

When the fight finally escalates a man punches the African American male several times to people chearing in the background. He almost falls over a few times and at one point does. He can be seen holding his jaw which appears to be in pain.

The person recording the video only got part of the incident as the customers the African American man was fighting with cannot be seen. They are only seen very quickly when they punch him.

The funniest part is how a security guard in orange is seen just standing in the background doing nothing as everyone, including him, simply, watch on.

At one point the man who punched the bully is seen to have a red hat. Could it possibly be a “make America great again” campaign hat for Donald Trump?!?! How would he progressive media react to that?!

I am sure they are already up in arms over whose side to take on the black versus black fight. But would they take the side of a man punching a homophobe who also happened to be a Trump supporter?! Now that’s a conundrum they don’t have the intellect to deal with. It would definitely hurt their narrative of all Trump supporters being xenophobic racists.

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