Chicago Homeowner Stabbed Repeatedly, Then Whips Out His Gun and SMOKES Attackers!

To get two cliches out of the way; the only thing that stops a good guy with a gun is a bad guy with a gun – and you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

Two robbers in Chicago learned that lesson the other day. They had broken into a home, stabbed the homeowner and three of his relatives, and even his German Shepherd.

Little did they know, this homeowner was one of the few people in Chicago with a firearm that isn’t a criminal.

Via National Gun Rights

Police said the homeowner grabbed a handgun during the home invasion, and opened fire, chasing off the suspects.

Just after midnight, police responded to a home invasion in the 400 block of St. Marys Parkway, and found several windows had been broken, and the front door had been forced open. Officers discovered a bloody scene inside.

Witnesses told police that two masked attackers had broken in, and a man armed with a large hunting knife repeatedly stabbed the 49-year-old homeowner. Three other people and the family’s German Shepherd also were stabbed.

During the struggle, the homeowner retrieved a handgun, and opened fire, causing the attackers to run away.

“It’s pretty shocking,” neighbor Bob Meyer said. “This neighborhood is very, very quiet. We’ve lived here for 30-plus years, and this stuff just doesn’t happen here; just doesn’t happen.”

Want more stories like this? Oppose gun control!

In a nation of some 100 million households, about half of which own one or more firearms, is a rate of defensive gun use which amounts to about 1% per year an unreasonably high figure? No? Then in that case, we could infer that there would be at least one million self-defensive gun uses each year.

And while we’re talking about self defense, what about concealed carry? Support that we abolished gun free zones, and a minor 3% of citizens have a concealed carry permit. If a mass public shooter starts firing in a public venue with a hundred people, there are bound to be a few people there ready to shoot back immediately.

Chicago’s crime problem isn’t due to guns, it’s due to the wrong people having guns. If they want less crime, they need to get guns into the hands of homeowners like this man.

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