Look What Chicago Mayor Was Hiding On Stage During Immigration Presser After Telling Everyone Illegals Are Safe!

Every day I wake up and hope that liberal stupidity would up and vanish, but that day was not today. Earlier this week, our favorite Chicago thug mayor held a press conference with fellow mayors from Mexico. Of course, this press conference was just another way to undermine President Trump in a public forum. To make matters worse what Rahm Emanuel was caught wearing during this presser is enough to make your blood boil.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has no respect for America or the principals this country was founded on. Both Emanuel and his good ole’ buddy Obama have done all they could to destroy the country in the past 8 years. Now that Trump is president they see their legacy being erased, and they cannot allow that to happen.

So earlier this week Rahm Emanuel hosted several Mexican mayors in Chicago last week. To show his solidarity with illegal immigrants Emanual flashed a Mexican pin on his lapel.

During a press conference with Mexican mayors, Rahm flashed a Mexican flag pin.

If that is not a slap in the face to Americans I do not know what is. To further add insult to injury Mayor Emanuel vowed to continue Chicago being a “sanctuary city” despite being cut from federal aid.

Emanuel also took a not so subtle jab towards President Trump saying,

“We are here about building bridges and not walls,” said Mayor Emanuel.

Rham then went one step further and invited more illegals to Chicago. Which is incredibly frightening to even fathom since Chicago is pretty much destroyed already. When a reporter asked how Chicago, with the region’s highest-in-the-nation African-American unemployment rate, could invite illegals from around the country and the world.

“I think there’s a contradiction in the assertion that if we’re a welcoming city that somehow that means that it leads to unemployment,” said Emanuel. “I don’t think that if one community is part of the city is somehow comes at the expense of another community.”

This press conference is absolutely disgusting and for him to wear that pin is equally nauseating. These leftists rather see America fall apart than admit they are wrong. They know that our country cannot afford more leeches, but that is their ultimate goal. They need to be stopped and soon before our country is destroyed any further.

H/T [ ABC 7, DNA Info ]

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