Chicago Muslims Outraged by Anti-ISIS Cartoon In Local Paper

A cartoon was put into the Chicago Tribune depicting a comedic joke over ISIS. Now Muslim’s in Chicago are outraged. Unfortunately, the paper caved and apologized after removing the cartoon from their website.

WBEZ reported,

“Some Muslim leaders in the Chicago area are calling foul on an editorial cartoon published by the Chicago Tribune on Saturday. Titled “De-evolution,” the image by Michael Ramirez parodied the iconic “ March of Progress” illustration, which shows human evolution as a series of figures evolving from apelike ancestors to modern humans standing erect. Ramirez’s work reverses the order, starting with a modern human and ending with the most devolved figure: a man lying prostrate as if in prayer, labeled with the word “ISIS.”

Ahmed Rehab of the Council on American Islamic relations said,

isis ramirez

“It makes it as if ISIS is just your average, mainstream Muslim who’s prostrating in prayer – something we all do – as opposed to what is unique and problematic about them.”

Now that’s a stretch like I’ve never seen before. He expressed his opinions in a Chicago Tribune article in response to the cartoon on Tuesday.

Mohammed Kaiseruddin, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago also wrote a letter to the Chicago Tribune,

“The cartoon does a great disservice to Muslims and promotes further Islamophobia.”

WBEZ also reported,

“In addition to publishing letters of concern from members of the Chicago-area Muslim community, the Chicago Tribune removed the cartoon from its website.”

Every time a Muslim whines an angel loses his wings. If that’s e case all the angels of heaven certainly have none left. Their is nothing that these Muslim’s can’t be offended by. It’s not enough they live in the United States and constantly complain about our lifestyle but they are actively seeking to prohibit freedom of expression and speech.

Its ridiculous.

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