BREAKING: All Four Chicago Race Attackers Just Got MASSIVE Dose Of Karma!

The media has largely not reported the incident in Chicago where a mentally disabled man was kidnapped and tortured by a group of four young African-American adults. Due to police reports it appeared to be a hate crime and now they have been charged with the crime. Fox News immediately tweeted the following,

“Breaking: 4 African-American teens who tortured & yelled “”F— white people!” at a mentally disabled man have been charged w/ a hate crime.”

The State Attorney in Cook County filed hate crime charges against the four people for beating the eighteen year old man. As well, they are being charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraining and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Twitchy noted the following,

“Whether they targeted the young man for his race or his disability either way via Illinois law the crimes should be seen as ‘hate crimes.”

The liberal media has focused for too long on these face hate crime hoaxes against African American people and Muslims that they have missed where the real hate crimes are taking place. If they truly cared about healing this country’s divisiveness they would help to foster equality.

These animals who tortured this young man who was mentally disabled should be locked up and thrown away the key for preying on somebody who was so clearly vulnerable. There is a reason that hate crime legislation exists and it is for this very reason.

If this was a crime committed by a white person against a African American person there would be no end to the talk on mainstream liberal media. But because it was a crime by African American people against a white person nobody wants to talk about it because it does not fit their narrative of being an oppressed group of people. But if the shoe fits…

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