Chicago Teen Found Dead in Trash Can Was Burned Alive; #BlackLivesMatter SILENT

If Black Lives Matter cared about black lives, they’d have plenty of tragedies to talk about. Look at a city like Chicago, and you’d think BLM would have plenty to talk about.

But apparently not. While over 6,000 blacks were murdered last year by other blacks, they’re only happy to focus on the 258 blacks killed by police last year. And of those police cases, BLM has a tendency to pick the most controversial cases, which were justified more often than not.

Let’s just look at yet another recent tragedy that BLM is silent about. As Breitbart reported:

A medical examiner ruled the death of a 15-year-old boy burned alive in a Chicago alley a homicide Monday, The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported.

Firefighters responding to a garage fire in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago found the body of Demetrius Griffin, 15, burned to death, WPVI reported.

Autopsy results showed Griffin died of thermal injuries due to a fire started in the garbage can, which authorities says means he was alive when the fire started.

Polly Sykes, the victim’s mother, asked the community’s help in finding the killer.

“Community, I need your help. They killed my baby out here in this alley. I need somebody. If you know something, please come forward. They took my life,” Sykes said.

A group of Chicago pastors are offering a $7,500 reward to anyone who can provide information to track down Griffin’s killer, WLS reported.

“He was a typical teenager. My wife was his Sunday school teacher when he was a child. He was baptized in the church,” said Rev. Marshall Hatch, who knew his family for over 20 years.

Tragically, Chicago’s homicide rate is up 49% compared to last year, while gun homicides are up 48%. Practically the entirety of the city’s gun violence problem can be attributed to gang violence. You certainly can’t blame a lack of gun laws, when Chicago is a city with some of the strongest gun laws on the books in America!

For a well reasoned look at the proof that BLM doesn’t care about black lives, watch the fantastic video below by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

What do you all think? Will BLM make a comment on this murder or will it be yet another of the tens of thousands that they ignore?

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